Playbox HD For iOS 10/9|Android App Apk|PC (Download)

The Playbox HD app will allow you to stream and download HD movies and TV shows. To download the latest PlayBox .APK file click here to sideload the app to your Android and Android based device and you would be able to enjoy all the best movies for free online

PlayBox is supported by all Android-based devices such as all the BlackBerry ANSYS shares devices such as the BlackBerry 10, Q5, Q10, Z10, Z30, Passport, Classic and more even the Ouya console is supported along with Amazon Kindle Fire 1st Gen, HD, and HDX as well as the Amazon Fire Phone, and Amazon Fire TV. Since none of these devices are having the Google Play store so you would be needed to manually sideload the app onto the devices.The app is really small and can be downloaded really easy for your devices.

There are many applications which have recently made way to Google Play store which you can use to stream your favorite movies and watch TV shows online. One of the best apps which will deliver you High definition experience on your android devices is Playbox HD. The app has a huge collection of TV shows and amazing movies which you can watch for free. If you like watching TV shows, you will love Playbox HD as this app is having both old and new TV shows belonging to different categories. Playbox HD can be used on Mac, iOS and Android devices and that too for free.

Watch your favorite TV shows and also stream movies online without any errors. The interface of the app is clean and simple.

On the main page of this application, you will see two categories which are new and hot. The new section of this application will contain all the TV shows and movies which are launched recently. This means you will be able to watch newly launched movies and TV shows

Playbox HD Guide – Updated 10/8/2016

Downloading PlayBox HD for the BlackBerry devices

  • You are required to go to ‘Settings‘ > ‘App Manager‘ > ‘Install Programs‘ > and then Turn on ‘Allow Apps from Other Sources to be Installed’.
  • Now download and install the PlayBox .APK file from the following link given.(Below in article)

Downloading PlayBox HD for the Ouya console

  • You are required to Go to ‘Make‘ > ‘Software‘ > ‘Browser‘ and download the following .APK file from the link (Below in article) Now Exit the browser and hit ‘O‘ on your console controller.
  • You would now be required to Go to ‘Manage‘ > ‘System‘ > ‘Advanced‘ > ‘Storage‘ > ‘Downloads‘ and then open the .APK to install PlayBox on your Ouya console

Download PlayBox HD for the Kindle Fire

  • To install the app on your device you would be required to Enable Apps from Unknown Sources in your Kindle account.
  • For Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire HD device you can go to ‘Settings‘ > ‘Devices‘ > Enable ‘Allow Installation of Applications‘. This will allow you to install the app easily on your device.
  • For the Kindle Fire HDX, you are required to go to ‘Settings‘ > ‘Applications‘ > Enable ‘Apps from Unknown Sources‘
  • Download the following .APK file (Below in article) on your Kindle and install it easily.

PlayBox HD for the Amazon Fire Phone

  • Go to the Settings option on your phone > ‘Applications & Parental Controls‘ > ‘Allow non-Amazon app installation‘ >and now just Enable ‘App Installation to make 3rd party app installation easy.
  • Now you can Download and install the .APK file (Below in article)

PlayBox HD for the Fire TV

  • For this option go to ‘Settings‘ > ‘System‘ > ‘Developer Options‘ > Enable ‘ADB Debugging‘
  • Now download ADBFire and the .APK file to your computer from the following links.
  • Now Run the ADBFire, type in the Fire TV’s IP address, and press connect to the IP address (the IP address can be found easily at ‘Settings‘ > ‘System‘ > ‘About‘ > ‘Network‘
  • Now press ‘Install APK‘ and install the .APK file  (Below in article)
  • PlayBox may alert you to update the app you can simply press Cancel to avoid the update

PlayBox HD for android phone.

  • PlayBox can be downloaded for absolutely free on your Android device through the above-mentioned links.
  • You would be required to allow Unknown Sources by going into Settings option and then select security options followed by allowing Unknown Sources.
  • Now Run the downloaded APK file and wait for it to install. (Below in article)

Playbox HD – Full Guide

Playbox HD Download
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Playbox HD Download For Android

Playbox HD for android devices comes with a lot of amazing features. The features which you will get in this application will surely make you fall in love with it. As Playbox HD for Android is having a huge database you can use the search function on your android device and find the TV show or the movie you wanted to watch.

Playbox HD For Android

One of the best things about Playbox HD for android is that you don’t have to pay a single penny as the app is available for free in Google Play store. Open the Hot section where you will find all the movies which are getting amazing ratings. You can also open the New section where you will find all the new movies and TV shows which are launched.

How to Download & Install Playbox HD for Android Devices

Playbox HD is available for the top operating systems which mean you can use it on your Buy ANSYS shares android devices too. To install this application, you just need to spend 5 minutes. Once you have installed this application, you are ready to watch all your favorite TV shows and movies and that too for free. The guide which we are going to share below will help you to download and install Playbox HD for android devices.

  1. If you will search for Playbox HD in Google Play store you won’t see any result. We are not sure that why this app is not present in Google Play store but you can still install it.
  2. You can take help of the apk file of Playbox HD as it will easily install this app on your android smartphone or tablet. To download the apk file click on this link.

Playbox HD

  1. Once the apk file has been downloaded on your android device you need to navigate to the settings. Once you are in Settings you have to open Security and then enable Unknown Sources.
  2. Open File Manager and open the apk file and tap on Install button.
    This will start installing Playbox HD on your android device.

Within few minutes, Playbox HD Download will be installed on your android device. This is how you can easily install Playbox HD on your android devices.

Playbox HD Download For MAC

We have received many requests from our readers asking if there is any Mac version of this application available. You can easily install Playbox HD as the app is also available for Mac operating system. Once you have read this tutorial, you will be able to install Playbox HD Download app on your Mac, Macbook Air, Pro and also the Mini. We ourselves have checked the app by installing it on our Mac and it was working flawlessly.

Playbox For MACTo use Playbox HD for Mac we are going to take help of a software which is basically an android emulator. The name of this software is andy android emulator. This software can be downloaded and installed for free on Mac operating system. The steps which we are going to share below will help you in using Playbox HD Download for Mac. The guide is simple and you just have to follow the steps.

How to Download Playbox HD For Mac

  1. To download Andy android emulator for Mac operating system, you have to visit this link. Make sure that you download the Mac version and not the windows one as Andy is available both for windows and Mac.
  2. Once setup file is downloaded on Mac, you can begin the installation. Install by following the steps on the screen.
  3. After installation of Andy is finished on your Mac, you can add the google account as it will give you access to Google Play store.

playbox hd mac

  1. Now you have to download the apk file of Playbox HD Download. To download the apk file, you have to open this link.
  2. This will start downloading Playbox HD apk. Once the apk file has been downloaded, you have to double click on the apk file. You will be asked to select a software to choose to install the app. Select andy android emulator.
  3. The app will now be installed. Once the installation is complete, invest in ANSYS shares you can open Andy android emulator on your Mac.
  4. Here you will find PlayboxHd Download in the app drawer.
  5. Open it and you will be able to watch all your favorite movies and TV shows.

That’s it!

Playbox HD For iOS

Watching TV shows and movies on your iPhone or iPad are always going to be fun. Youtube is having a big collection of videos which you can watch for free however there are not complete TV series available on Youtube. If you are looking for any app which will help you in watching your favorite TV shows and movies you can try Playbox HD for iOS. This app will work on all your apple devices like your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch if you are having iOS 6.0 or higher installed on it.

Playbox HD For iOSAs Playbox HD Download for iOS is compatible with all the platforms of Apple, you can easily download it and install this application on your iPhone. The hot section of Playbox HD Download for iOS comes with all the TV shows and movies which are popular, so if you are looking for a popular movie to watch then we suggest you to use the Hot section of this application.

Playbox HD Download & Install for iOS

If you want to use Playbox HD for iOS you have to install it first on your Apple device. There are different methods which one can follow and we are going to share all these methods in this post.

Method 1: Downloading Playbox HD

  1. Open Safari web browser on your Apple device and open this link. Clicking on this link will open the page for downloading Playbox HD Download application.
  2. Once the page has been opened, you will see a popup. On this popup, you will see Install option. Clicking on this option will start installing Playbox HD app on your iOS device.
  3. The app will be downloaded and installed on your iPhone.
  4. Once the app is installed, open it and it will ask you to enter the username along with the password.
  5. Once the details are entered, you will be able to watch all your favorite movies and TV shows.

Method 2: Installing Playbox HD for iOS

This is the second method which you can follow to use Playbox HD for iOS.

  1. First of all change the date in your iPhone to Jan 01, 2015.
  2. Once the date has been changed, click on this link to download the IPA file of Playbox HD.
  3. Start installing the app. You will get a popup saying untrusted app developer. Select trust here.
  4. Playbox HD will be installed on your iPhone.

This is how you can easily Download Playbox HD app on Android, MAC & iOS

Cinemabox App/Apk Download : Android

Cinemabox :- Who doesn’t love watching movies, sitcoms, cartoons ? Do you have a bad day and have sat down with a bucket of fries and want to just be lazy? Do you want any movie you like to be at this one place (which usually isn’t possible). Well, folks, there is nothing to worry at all because Cinemabox shall come to your rescue.The interface is smooth and everything is organised. From horror movies, thrillers to rom-com’s, you can easily search for your movie in any of the section of your choice.Now you no longer have to worry about the bad picture quality while watching a movie because at Cinemabox you can watch all your movies in HD.


Cinemabox can run smoothly on your gadgets be it OS application or Android. And the best thing is that it is absolutely free. You can now order a pizza, download the app, play any movie (latest or old) in HD along with subtitles if you want and chill.The app doesn’t acquire a lot of space in your phone so you no longer have to worry about the space in your device. Did you get an urgent email from work while watching a movie? Don’t you worry as you can always pause, play and rewind the movie and watch it at your convenience.

Best Alternative :- Playbox HD

Cinemabox App : Features

Well, thats some good news! Ain’t it?You can now revisit your childhood by watching your favourite cartoons that you would watch as a child. Worried about not understanding some dialogues? Was it too quick for you? Well, hold on! You have nothing to worry about the cinemabox app as you get to watch the movies with the subtitles.Worried about the latest movies that you missed and couldn’t watch?

  • There is nothing to fret about as this app will get updated with all the latest movies and sitcoms.
  • The cinemabox is absolutely hassle free and you don’t have to sign in or go through the long monotonous procedure.
  • The app is absolutely FREE! Yes, you read it right! Its free and doesn’t require you to pay a single penny.

Well wasn’t this the best excuse for you download the app and enjoy without a single penny.Above all, you can follow your favourite stars, favourite series and you shall definitely spend some quality time and escape from the everyday worries.

How to Download Cinemabox On Android

Well first of all, here’s the harsh truth; you cannot download this app from the Google play store directly so we would have to download this from some other external source.

  • Before installing the app we need to ensure that your phone allows downloads from unknown sources.
  • Go to Settings>Security>Unknown sources. By clicking on unknown sources you will ensure that installation of apps from unknown sources is allowed.
  • Open your search engine and type “apk for cinemabox app”. You will get many sources to download your app from. It is advisory to download the latest version of the app.
  • Click on the downloaded .apk file and a dialogue box shall appear. Click on “Install” and then click on “Next” to get started.
  • However, the process may take a while as the app gets installed on your smartphone.
  • Now you can open the app and start watching whatever you wish to.

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How to register for an Account on

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Hotmail/Outlook Features


How to login to

Once you have successfully created your account on you are ready to login to that account. Follow the steps which we have mentioned below to login to your account.

  • Open the website in your browser.
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This is how you can register for account and login to a newly created e-mail account.